Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cycling in Copenhagen

cyclechicscreensaverhttp.jpg (image) is "about bicycle culture in Copenhagen, Denmark [where]. 35% of the population - 550,000 people - ride their bike to work or school each day."

"Perhaps we can inspire people in other countries to commute by bicycle or lobby for better bike conditions in their cities by providing a portrait of a city that lives and breathes bikes. At the very least, enjoy the view from our saddles."

They have a sister blog called Cycleliciousness - Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog - "less fashion and more stats and inspiration."

The City of Copenhagen biannual Cycle Policy Report (2006) finds that "73% of Copenhageners DON'T ride for recreation. The bike is not a hobby article used for recreation or excercise. It is transport."

It's a lovely change from the usual - "Such is the season here in Copenhagen. Long jackets, high boots, patterned bags and the everpresent wonky old Raleigh bike." Hop over and get a glimpse of cycling nirvana!

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