Monday, October 08, 2007

Tampines pavement riding trial - "a half-baked idea?"

Popular Singapore blogger Lee Kin Mun better known as Mr Brown writes about his new ride and goes on to write about riding in Tampines, and ends up with some choice words about the pavement riding trial that began there in May 2007.

"...who came up with the dumb idea of those bike lanes alongside pedestrian walkways?

Bikes belong to the road, not the pavement.

There were so many Dismount and Push signs along the new Bicycle cum Pedestrian footpaths in Tampines, you may as well cycle on the road. If you ever tried to cycle at East Coast Park, you will understand how hard it is to avoid humans on pavements.

In fact, I felt more vulnerable at the crossings while riding on the path. You are better off teaching drivers to share the road with cyclists, and teaching cyclists to ride defensively and safely, than to give riders a false sense of safety on those pedestrian pavements. And if you want to give cyclists their space, do it on the road, with bike lanes, instead of footpaths."

Eventually, he says:

"I just want safer roads to ride on. Not half-baked ideas like the Tampines pavement cycling trial."

See "My new ride II: Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc 2006," by Lee Kin Mun., 01 Oct 2007.

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