Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Singapore Bike Boulevards?

On the New York "Streetsblog" blog I came across a posting of a video on Berkeley's Bike Boulevards. See the link below. It is well worth a look.

Berkeley's Bike Boulevards (
Running time: 8 minutes 12 seconds

"Bicycle Boulevards really gives the cyclist the sense of owning the
road and being able to take the lane and being able to be in the
middle of the street where they can avoid the door zone. Cars are

expecting that they're going to have to wait for bikes and that
they're going to be seeing bikes. It's not going to be a
confrontational thing if a cyclist is the middle of the road because
it's expected on these streets."

It made me wonder if there are any opportunities for something like this in some places in Singapore.

Relatively few I guess, since Singapore has few places with grid street layouts and few non-arterial options to cycle on. But there might still be a few places that might one day become Singapore Bike Boulevards. We can always dream.

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