Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cycling home - faster than public transport

"Break Even." By Warhammer. Le Tour, 11 Feb 2006.

"At the end of the day got back at 0925. Surprise, surprise, cycling home is 15mins faster then if I had taken public transport!"

"I'm thinking that it'll be quite a good experiment to compare the time taken for cycling, public transport and car from point to point. It should make a good case for cycling as a mode of transportation. I noticed that on roads with a lot of traffic lights keeping pace with a bus is actually not a problem."



Anonymous said...

if you're a seasoned rider and had slicks on, going faster than the bus is a sure thing, as long as it doesn't go on the expressway :P

singapotter said...

Interesting blog. Will keep surfing on for updates.

I'm a new cycler!

Anonymous said...

I'm a new cycler, too.

Was thinking of cycling to work from west to central. but the shorter way to work is by expressway.

Looking for the road rules, what is the Dos and Don'ts in LTA sites came to no help. abit of help but still can't get my answers.

marire said...

comparing with a bus huh? jajajja

cool post :) thanks

Back2Nature said...

That's the main reason I started to commute by bicycle. It took me 45 mins on a 24" mtb from Clementi to Tanjong Pagar, which is not much different if I were to walk/wait/take MRT/walk to the place I was going to.

Even from Toa Payoh to NTU. It is faster to cycle (80-90 mins) on 26" thick wheel mtb than public transport (>90mins) walk/wait/bus/wait/MRT/walk/wait/bus(that time was 179)/walk.

Notice that you seldom walk. Actually, after many years of cycling, I get tired easily from walking.