Saturday, August 13, 2005

Nepalese city to sign the Velo Mondial Charter for bicycle friendly communities

"Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal, after Kathmandu. As for Kathmandu, Pokhara’s resources lie largely in the development of the tourist sector. Over the years the city’s infrastructure has been developed to suit this objective. This is especially the case along the lakeside where tourists are to be welcomed to Pokhara, the city of peace, environment friendliness and leisure.

The environment is the main reason why, on the 2nd August, the honorable Dikawar Bastola, Mayor of Pokhara, officially signed the Velo Mondial Charter for bicycle friendly communities.
The second reason for Pokhara’s decision is to reconcile the rich-poor gap which is very much apparent in the city, as in the rest of the country. The bicycle will preserve the environment, displaying idealic scenery for tourists and locals alike. Furthermore, the bicycle will enhance equal opportunities to the rich as to the poor when it comes to transport throughout the city: notably for home to work displacements.

Pokhara’s declaration marks the city’s will to commit itself to the development of the city whilst respecting the people’s rights to equal opportunities and to their inherited environment. Pokhara’s commitment is one the city would like to share today with the other bicycle friendly communities of the world, to form a basis for future transport policy making."

Bicycle friend Singaopre to attract more tourist? may be something for STB to ponder upon :-)

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