Friday, July 29, 2005

Please wear your helmet!

"Had she hit her head? They didn’t think so."

"Was she wearing a helmet? No."

"Did she get knocked out? No, she was just a little confused at first."

I ordered the head CT, but before we could even call the tech, she siezed.

I intubated her after doing a repeated neurologic exam after the siezure ended. At that moment, I had x-ray vision. She had absolutely not a single scratch on the outside of her body and yet I could see through her skull and watch the middle meningeal artery continue to bleed, putting pressure on her brain. ‘Something is terribly wrong,’ she had said to us at one point just prior to siezing."

"Please wear your helmet!" By Doc Shazam. The Lingual Nerve, 28 Jul 2005.

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