Saturday, April 23, 2005

Positive attitude towards active transport, including cycling

Ministries have responded to the recommendations presented at the Annual Conference of Feedback Groups on 29 January 2005 by seven feedback groups, namely: Economic Development and SMEs, Health, Physical Development, Political Development, Social Development feedback groups and the Primary Education Taskforce.

The recommendations were forwarded to relevant Ministries and agencies and they have given their replies.

Physical Development Feedback Group

The Physical Development Feedback Group is concerned with transport, housing and environment issues. Out of the 17 recommendations proposed, most achieved concurrence with the government agencies.The Ministry of Transport (MOT), Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Ministry of National Development (MND) share similar views with the FBG in encouraging active modes of transport such as walking and cycling. Not only are these modes of transport more accessible for short distance commuting; they also complement public health efforts in increasing the level of physical activity.It was announced in Parliament during the Committee of Supplies debate in March that the Traffic Police will be looking into allowing cyclists to ride on pavements. The Government is also working closely with the town councils and local community groups to build cycling tracks in housing estates such as Pasir Ris and Tampines.
Following extrated from "Reply to Physical Development feedback group"

Feedback group suggestion:

Make the environment conducive for active modes of transport (paras 29-30)
29. Short trips in between trips are difficult to serve with public transport because access and waiting time make up a large percentage of trip time. Active modes of transport can bring physical activity into daily routines. This can complement the increasing efforts by public health advocates to increase activity levels in society. Sedentary lifestyles are a key cause of a growing public health crisis as the population ages and become more affluent. However the urban fabric is rather hostile and dangerous for most ‘active transportation’ which includes especially walking, running, wheelchair use, and bicycling but in-line skates, new kinds of foot scooters etc. Therefore special provisions must be made. Having people on these ‘streets’ is good for the humanity of the city and promotes a sense of place.

30. Provide a safe environment for pedestrians and other active mode of transportation running concurrently on the same space. Encourage the use of active transport modes like walking, cycling, in line skates, skateboarding foot or motorized scooters for short trips of less than 4 km. This encourages healthy physical activity, time efficiency to using public transport, reduced vehicular congestion, and promotes sense of place and community.

MOT / LTA (with inputs from MND) reply:
Generally, there are avenues for people to travel by active modes of transport such as walking and cycling. Cyclists for example, are currently able to travel on the roads, and the Traffic Police is reviewing whether they could be allowed on the pavement. The government is also working actively with the Town Councils and local community groups to build cycling tracks in places such as Tampines. Pedestrian paths are provided within road reserves and are also planned and encouraged within housing estates. To create a more conducive environment for walking, covered linkways are currently provided, where possible, to link main transport nodes like MRT stations and bus stops, to housing estates, schools, etc. Pedestrian friendly features like footpath ramps and railings are also provided where possible. The various agencies would continue to work together with the local community to plan and build infrastructure or facilities for active modes of transport where possible.


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