Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Boston cyclist maps bike paths

"Cyclist pushes mapped bike paths." By Anthony Flint, news, 15 Nov 2004.

"For drivers, Boston-area maps brim with detail -- one-way streets, highway entrance ramps, and in the case of MapQuest, the locations of Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants.

But what's often missing, avid bicyclist Bryce Nesbitt noticed, are features useful to those not behind the wheel: walkways, bike paths, T stations, shuttle bus stops, and pedestrian entrances to parks.

So Nesbitt, a volunteer for a Somerville physical fitness group, embarked on a self-styled crusade: to get mapmakers to show all those nondriving features correctly. " Read more...

Thanks to Paul Barter for the alert

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veola said...

Another nice 'healthy' blog! Must link, must link!

Hope to join you guys for a ride one day, but first must buy a proper bike, no more borrowing a-pek bicycle...