Friday, March 05, 2004

Drunk driver gets four months jail - reactions

Letters to the Forum page of The Straits Times on 4th March 2004, decry the light sentence meted out to the driver who killed togoparts and NTU cyclist Alvin Boey (press mistakenly called him Alvin Ho), R.I.P. See the ST report of the sentence.

One writer says, 'I am appalled at the light sentence - four months' jail for killing a cyclist while driving under the influence of alcohol.' "In another article on the same day, it was reported that a man was jailed for a year - three times longer than Koe - for oral sex."
The other writer says, "The message being sent out is that a cyclist, acting fully within his rights according to the Road Traffic Act, is expendable."
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First posted in Otterman speaks.